Genealogy of the Anderson, Burr, Dyal, Farr, Jepson, Tillman, McMurdie, & Wadsworth families.
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 #   Repository ID   Name 
1 R2 A. Boyd Nielsen 
2 R11 Ancestry.com LLC 
3 R75 Arkiv Digital AD AB 
4 R51 Brigham Young University 
5 R47 Brigham Young University Family History Archives 
6 R17 California Department of Public Health 
7 R59 Celia Summers 
8 R73 Deseret Management Corporation 
9 R64 Diana Webb 
10 R60 Eilene Thompson 
11 R10 Elwin J. Berry 
12 R4 Family History Department 
13 R12 Family History Library 
14 R57 Gordon W. Crawford 
15 R14 Greg & Carrie McMurdie 
16 R5 Helle Hirschmann 
17 R39 Jessie Bishop Lewis 
18 R13 Joseph Smith Memorial Building 
19 R9 Kari Kruger 
20 R66 Lori Cawley 
21 R42 Margaret S. Loosle 
22 R48 Margie F. Stevens 
23 R65 Mary Jean Garrison 
24 R6 Mike & Anna Wylie 
25 R1 Office of Vital Records & Statistics 
26 R19 Patt Hotchkiss 
27 R61 Post Register 
28 R63 Ray Dawson 
29 R46 Research Center of the Utah State Archives & Utah State History 
30 R24 Ron McMurdie 
31 R8 RootsWeb 
32 R74 Salina Sun 
33 R50 South Jordan Family History Center 
34 R78 State of Utah 
35 R41 Susan Marguet 
36 R54 The Archives 
37 R40 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
38 R15 The Daily Herald 
39 R16 The Salt Lake Tribune 
40 R68 Tribal Pages 
41 R7 USGenWeb Project 
42 R44 Utah Department of Health 
43 R18 Utah State Historical Society 
44 R55 Vicki E. Rasmussen 
45 R25 Virginia Talbot 
46 R3 Winslow Farr, Sr., Family Organization