Genealogy of the Anderson, Burr, Dyal, Farr, Jepson, Tillman, McMurdie, & Wadsworth families.
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Our Genes is a genelalogy web site. Popular surnames include McMurdie, Clark, Isacke, Wadsworth, Johnson, Parrish, Maughan, Williams, Tillman, and Burr. Our ancestral lines can be traced from the United States to countries such as England, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Scotland and elsewhere.

The best way to navigate the site is to browse through the links on the left starting with Carrie’s Side or Greg’s Side. Or, if you know the name of an ancestor you are searching, enter their name in the search box that appears in the top right of each page.

Over the coming weeks and months we will add photos, documents, histories, cemeteries, and headstone information. We hope you enjoy perusing the information on the site.

Carrie & Greg McMurdie

Disclaimer: The information on this site has been gathered from a variety of sources including church records, government censuses, war registrations, books, family records, genealogical databases, cemetery records, obituaries, and other records.

You are free to use the information on this site for your own personal use only but is not to be copied or altered in any way for commercial use or resale nor for use on another webpage without written permission or approval of the submitter of the contributed data.

If you find an error or discrepancy, please contact us and if possible provide source documentation. We will attempt to correct any errors in the next update of the data on the site.

Full descriptions are published only for people who we have reason to believe have died. We will not knowingly publish information on living people. If we have mistakenly placed information on a living person on this site and you wish to have the information removed, please feel free to contact us.

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Most Wanted:

1. Edward Clarence Slopanskey (1887-?)
2. Dora Ann Dick (1882-1975)
3. Frank Hamilton Dick (1884-?)

What's New:

25 Feb 2018: Digital images of the following: Old photographs of Nester Larson, Maxine Larson, Ane Andersdotter, and Johan Ericsson; Ane Kristine Andersdotter; descendants and family members of Ane Kristine Andersdotter's family; and Ane Andersdotter, Verna May Farr, Maxine Mae Larson, and Lauretta Jepson.

9 Jan 2017: A digital image of Eric Larsson and Ane Kristine Andersdotter's 1864 marriage record in Hedemora, Sweden.

8 Jan 2017: A digital image of Eric Larsson's 1833 birth and christening record in Hedemora, Sweden and an image of Christina Abrahamsdotter 1833 birth and christening record in Norberg, Sweden.

4 Dec 2016: An Account of the Death of William Rice Parrish and son William Beason Parrish in 1857.

3 Dec 2016: Photograph of Harriet Maddox' 1860 Death Certificate.

30 Nov 2016: A photograph of Ane Kristine Andersdotter and Eric Larsson taken some time between 1900 and 1910.

29 Nov 2016: A digital image of Wiley James Tillman and Mary Frances Gates' 1920 marriage record.

26-27 Nov 2016: Photographs of William Bishop in 1919, William Bishop on Pioneer Day in 1915, portrait of Harriet Morris, a second portrait of Harriet Morris, William Bishop and Harriet Morris at a gathering in Paradise, Utah, and William Bishop and first wife Mary Pocock married in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. These photographs were provided courtesy of Jessie Bishop Lewis, a descendant of William Bishop and Harriet Morris.

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Latest News
12-13 Aug 2016 - Farr Family Reunion 2016.

6 Jul 2016 - In memory of Don Clyde Rosenvall: "Clyde had a great work ethic, and was a successful small business owner. He worked long hours to ensure his business was successful and so he could support his family. All who associated with him knew him as a person of honesty and integrity. Jean, his wife and our beloved mother and grandmother, was with him side by side in everything." - (Obituary).

12 Mar 2016 - Celebration of the life of Maxine Curtis: "Maxine Curtis McMurdie died of natural causes March 12, 2016 . . . the second daughter of Heber Allison Curtis and Mary Anna McWilliams. Maxine's earliest memories include the first radio her family had, playing the French horn as a teenager, and concerts on Sunday afternoons in the park." - (Obituary).

13 Dec 2015 - Celebration of the life of Winfred Leland Tillman: "In life he tried to be helpful, bids all so long for now. Hope to greet all beyond the veil. 'All of you are literal brothers and sisters from the spiritual pre-existence. See you later alligator.'" - (Obituary).

May 2015 - Initial launch of Our Genes web site.

25 Feb 2015 - In honor of Lynn Kay Bryson: "He was a devoted husband and companion, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Lynn was a dedicated fireman for 56 years with the city of Bountiful and Enterprise." - (Obituary).